“Buddhist meditation enables us to experience and appreciate our reality directly and openly. This wider perspective inspires wisdom and compassionate action.”


Northern Rivers

northern Weekly Study & Practice

The Northern Rivers' venue for the weekly SIA study and meditation is located in the heart of Mullumbimby, on 63 Stuart Street, upstairs in the space of Living Yoga Sangha.  Every Monday we offer a programme of study and meditation practice from 5pm – 7.30 pm.


Venue: Living Yoga Sangha, 1st Floor, 63 Stuart St, Mullumbimby.

Time: Mondays

5 to 6 pm: General or specific talks on Buddhism. For both old and new students.

6 to 6:30 pm: Introductory talk on the basics of Buddhist meditation

6:30-7.30 pm: Meditation (20 min sitting, 10 min mindful walking, 20 min sitting)

Cost: $5 suggested donation

Contact: Mishaela Simpkins – mishaela@si.org.au


For Lismore, click here Lismore practice schedule


Weekend Workshops & Seminars:

SIA Northern Rivers offer weekend seminars 2-3 times every year. These seminars are for anyone with interest in the teachings of the Buddha. While the teachings treat classical Buddhist perspectives, the language and format is contemporary. Jakob Leschly is generally the instructor on these occasions. Other teachers endorsed by Rinpoche include Steve Cline, Jangchub Haubner, and guest instructors or visiting lamas who also may contribute according to their availability. The venue will vary, so check the relevant web pages or get on our mailing list where all info is sent to you. Write to info@si.org.au or contact Kamala Kennedy - kamalakennedy@gmail.com


Feast & Celebration Days

There are monthly feast practices (tsok) which falls on the 10th day of the Tibetan Calendar based on the waxing & waning moon cycles and hence in the Western Calendar the day changes from month to month. All dates for the year are listed on the Programmes Calendar, and the venue will be mailed to you beforehand. For Information you may contact Kamala Kennedy - kamalakennedy@gmail.com


Special Events:

Special days on the Tibetan Calendar, such as the annual four days that celebrate the Buddha, Sang Offering and Sutra Walks, Tara Practice, reading of the Bardo Tödröl, etc. We invite you to join our mailing list if you wish to be informed of upcoming events.