“The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation”



Face-to-Face Practice

*All face to face practice may be subject to change due to Covid 19 State and National Health Guidelines.

The foundation of Buddhist meditation consists of the physical aspect of sitting still, and the psychological aspect of grounding the mind in the present moment –what is known as mindfulness, or shamatha. Sustaining presence of mind enables us to experience the world directly without conceptual entanglement. This wider perspective -or vipashyana is the core of all Buddhist paths. The unified practice of shamata and vipashyana establishes a peaceful space of presence and inspires compassionate engagement and interaction with our world.

  • To find a regional center near you that offers weekly 'drop-in' shamatha-vipashyana meditation practice go to the LOCATION DIRECTORY
  • Siddhartha’s Intent Australia also offers several  RETREATS a year in different locations around Australia. ... See below for details
  • SPONSORSHIP is available for retreats and teaching events ... See below for details

  • A personal retreat hut is available for bookings of 1 week to 3 months. Situated in the uniquely beautiful Bellinger Valley on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia, this meditation hermitage was built to provide a place for students to practice on their own without the usual distractions of daily life. More information is available at the bottom of the Bellingen Location Page


"Ideally the ultimate retreat is to retreat from the past and the future, to always remain in the present. However our mind is so empowered and controlled by habit all the time. One characteristic of habit is not being able to sit still, not being able to remain in the present. This is because being in the present is so scary, so boring and unbearable for our deluded and spoiled mind. Little do we know that actually being in the present is so exciting and the most liberating from all kinds of pain, suffering and anxiety." 
 - Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

Northern Rivers retreat participants

The practice of Buddhist meditation allows us to uncover and experience our natural heritage of wisdom though cultivating insight or vipashyana. It is to establish a peaceful space of presence and mindfulness, allowing us to awaken a calmer and wider appreciation of our reality. A retreat is an invaluable moment of clarifying and re-affirming our commitment to the vision and path of meditation. Jakob Leschly will lead the retreat, offering general instruction and individual interviews.

Siddhartha's Intent Australia retreats in Australia and New Zealand in 2021:

Meditation Düntün Retreats 
• The Blue Mountains, NSW June 18-25 (LINK)
• Melbourne December 4-11 (LINK)

Ngondro Retreat
• Northern Rivers May 15-22 (LINK
September 3-5 (LINK) *Note - This retreat was originally going to take place in Sydney and has been taken online due to the current Covid 19 outbreak and NSW Health Guidlines.

    • Teachings given by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, SIA teachers and non-SIA teachers who are invited by SIA.
    • The amount of sponsorship will be up to 75% of the fee for face to face and online teachings and up to 50% of retreat fees according to how much the applicant can afford and the availability of sponsorship funds
    • Those who are unemployed or on a pension
    • Full-time students at University, TAFE etc
    • Those who are employed but unable to attend the event without financial hardship. This is at the discretion of the SIA committee.
    • Once a calendar year.
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    Financial assistance to attend SIA teaching events is available to approved applicants through the SIA sponsorship fund. Please note applications for sponsorship must be received 2 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop date. For more information and application form please contact Ari Summa at office@si.org.au