2020 Calendar

Melbourne Seminars: Bedrock of the Path

8 March 2020
10:00am - 4:00pm

Seminars with Jakob Leschly

The ​Friday ​evening talk ​is for anyone interested in ​surveying the key themes of ​Buddhism. ​The ​Saturday ​seminar ​will offer a clear presentation of the Buddha’s teaching on ​the Middle Way, Madhyamaka, and ​the basic goodness that is innate to us, while the Sunday ​seminar ​will present how this ​vision ​is ​further ​integrated through meditation and everyday life.

Friday 6 March 6.30 pm-8 pm

  • The Buddhist View and Practice of Wisdom and Compassion (Evening talk)
    For anyone interested in the Buddhist view on the nature of our existence, and its vision of the basic goodness and workability of our lives. This introduction intends to be a down-to-earth presentation of a timeless science of mind, free of jargon or mysticism.

Saturday 7 March 10 am-4 pm

  • Establishing the View of the Middle Way (Seminar)
    In recognising the sanity and brilliance that is basic to us all, the Buddha sought to free us from self-imposed limitations. The Middle Way or Madhyamaka teaching is the key to the quiet simplicity of such wisdom. This vision is the indispensable foundation of the path of enlightenment.

Sunday 8 March 10 am-4 pm

  • Integrating the Practice of the Middle Way in Samadhi and Everyday Life (Seminar)
    The simplicity of the Middle Way view shows a remedy for the confused and unnecessary struggle of our mind, but it needs to be applied and integrated as a living experience - first through the practice of meditation, and then through integration in our ordinary lives.

Venue: Carlton North Yoga Collective and SomaChi Yoga, 1014 Lygon St, Carlton North

Friday Cost:: $20 (pay at the door).

Weekend Cost:
- Non-members $95 per day
- Members $75 per day
- Concession rate members $60, non-members $75 (per day).

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Enquiries please contact: Lianne - lianne@somachi.com.au

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