Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche teaches in Sydney 25-27 January, 2020

View, Meditation and Action
by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

2020年1月25日-27日,宗萨蒋扬钦哲仁波切将在澳大利亚悉尼进行公开讲座, 给予题为《见地、禅修、行持》 的开示,为期三天。

The Buddha's Enlightenment was the discovery of innate freedom that is basic to our existence. Consequently, he taught a path, enabling others to discover this freedom as well. His path is founded on an insight into greater openness, which is then integrated through meditation and everyday activities. Rinpoche will speak on how to arrive at this insight, the view, how this is practically experienced in the practice of meditation, and further applied in the action of everyday life.

This Teaching is open to anyone who would like to learn about the Buddhist path and will be live-streamed via YouTube and translated into Chinese.


Warning from organizers to those intending to participate in the upcoming Drupchen and teaching events:
As you likely know, Australia is suffering from devastating bushfires, and in cities extreme heat and episodes of hazardous smoke-related air quality that can be injurious to health. Conditions can also change suddenly and unpredictably from one day to the next due to wind shifts, lightning strikes, and tinder dry conditions resulting from the region’s three-year drought.

It is therefore our duty to warn you that events currently planned may be changed at short notice. As well, anyone suffering from respiratory or other ailments should reconsider coming to Australia at this time.


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VENUE: Roundhouse, University of New South Wales, Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW.


25th Jan Saturday: 2 pm -5.30 pm (Doors open at 1.15 pm)

26th Jan Sunday: 10 am - 1.30 pm (Doors open at 9.15 am)

27th Jan Monday: 10 am - 1.30 pm (Doors open at 9.15 am)

● Non-Members - $60/day (+ booking fee)
● Members - $45/day (+ booking fee)
● Sponsorship - $30/day  (+ booking fee)
   - Ordained sangha have free entry - to register contact Tom Gwinn at
   - Sponsored registration ($30 per day) is available for those who are in financial hardship - to apply contact Tom Gwinn at

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Important Additional Events:

These events are organised by the Bhutanese community in Australia and not Siddhartha's Intent Australia.
Contact: Phuntsho Tobgyel (Bhutanese cultural liaison)

宗萨钦哲仁波切珀斯开示 - 2020年1月17-19日

Message from Rinpoche concerning Vajrayana initiations in Perth (Posted 4/01/2020)
As we live in a social media world, I’m sure many have heard of my upcoming visit to the Southern Hemisphere, which includes initiations in some venues.
In ancient times, practitioners would go out of their way to search for a guru and tantric initiations that were then kept secret from those not inclined to the Vajrayana teachings and from those without the capacity to receive them or who were not ready for them.
Nowadays, alas, it’s almost the opposite: We announce such initiations as if the guru is trying to lure people to the Vajrayana.
Nevertheless, in trying to maintain tantric traditions, I need to say a few words especially to those new to the Vajrayana and those who have never received initiation from me.
First and foremost, I want to discourage such people from coming to these tantric initiations, especially since I am the one bestowing them. In the Vajrayana, a proper understanding of the relationship between the initiation giver and initiation receiver is of utmost importance. While the initiation receiver needs all kinds of faculties, the initiation giver must also possess very many qualities of which I have none – as I have admitted over and again.
Moreover, my character and habitual patterns are of the kind that many may wish to avoid. For a more diverse selection of opinions and a different take on me, please go to websites like “Beyond the Temple” that are full of such opinions.
But for those who still insist on entering the Vajrayana path and especially on receiving abhishekas from me, I also won’t discourage them from coming to these initiations. It is, however, my duty to give you this warning.

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Cost: $50 per day.

The teachings will be simultaneously translated into Chinese. If you require Chinese translation please bring a FM radio. Android phones with an appropriate FM signal APP can also be used however there are instances that android phones fail to pick up FM signals so we recommend you bring a FM radio. iPhones definitely do not work.

 仁波切的开示会提供中文同声翻译,如果您需要听翻译,请自带一个FM收音机,或者用安卓手机接收,但是有些带FM APP的安卓手机信号接收能力比较弱,所以我们推荐您最好携带一个FM收音机。苹果手机不能接收信号


  • Please note if you have registered: you have a confirmed seat at the venue. 
  • If you have registered, but not paid due to difficulties with the bank transfer, you also have a confirmed seat at the venue but you must pay the registration fee upon arrival at the venue.


Please note the registration closed on the 30th of November, 2019.

NOTE Venue has been changed to:  
     Siciliani Association,
     Fortune St, Balcatta.

This event is organised by the Bhutanese Association of Perth, not Siddhartha's Intent Australia.
Please direct all inquiries to Jamyang Sonam (m) 045 248 6213.

TEACHINGS IN CANBERRA  22nd - 23rd January

ALERT: Read this important update re: possible cancellation of Canberra event (Posted 7/1/2020)

Dear friends,

In continuation to our earlier email regarding the change of venue for the teachings because of extreme weather events here in Canberra, we would like to inform you once again - that in the last few days, Canberra experienced one of the worst smoke and haze conditions due to continuous bushfires raging in the neighbouring states in NSW and the south coast. Although, conditions are highly unpredictable, we are hoping it will improve gradually in the coming days. As of now, apart from the smoke haze in Canberra that is happening and going away depending on the wind direction, there are no immediate threat of bushfires in Canberra as such.

Our highest priority at this moment is wellbeing of Rinpoche and everyone attending the precious teachings. Therefore, in order to avoid any risk and danger to health and safety of everyone, we will be cancelling the event if the conditions do not improve by January 12, 2020.

Although, much of the proceeds from the donations for the tickets have been expended to cover logistical costs, we would be happy to make refunds. Incase, you would like us to process the refunds before the January 12th, 2020, please let us know. Meanwhile, please pray for Australia and we hope the weather will allow us to go ahead with the event as planned.

Kindly consider these steps being taken in the best interest of all.

Kind Regards,  Tshering Dorji  Organising Team

******Note updated information below: Change in Venue due to bushfire activity *****************

Australia Bhutan Association Of Canberra (ABAC) is delighted to announce that Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche will be conducting a 2-day teachings and empowerment program in Canberra on the 22nd and 23rd of January.

To view and register for this program please click here.

Canberra teachings will be translated into Chinese.


This event is organised by the Australia Bhutan Association Of Canberra, not Siddhartha's Intent Australia. Please refer to the Eventbrite registration page or contact Tshering (Bhutanese cultural liaison) for further details.











位于位于悉尼新南威尔士大学的主校区Kensington校园内,在Anzac Parade附近。


星期六 2 pm -5.30 pm (入场时间为 1.15 pm)

星期日 10 am - 1.30 pm (入场时间为 9.15 am)

星期一 10 am - 1.30 pm (入场时间为 9.15 am)


非SIA会员 每天60澳币 (加上平台服务费)
SIA会员 每天45澳币 (加上平台服务费).
     出家僧人免费入场,请联系Tom 进行注册。
     如有资金困难,可享有每天30澳币的赞助注册,如需申请,请发邮件至 Tom


联系人:Phuntsho Tobgyel (不丹文化协调)

Teachings in Perth  
17th-19th January

宗萨钦哲仁波切珀斯开示 - 

此外,我的性格和習氣,是那種許多人可能覺得回避為好的。為提供更多元化的意見和對我個人的不同觀點,請訪問「Beyond the Temple」之類的網站,那裡全都是這樣的意見。






1 Macedonia Place, North Perth WA 6006


如有问题,敬请咨询 Jamyang Sonam


手机:045 248 6213

Teaching in Canberra
联系人:Tshering (不丹文化协调)