Tribute to Lynne Macready

Published on 20 September 2015

It is with sadness that we tell you of the passing of our dear Sangha member Lynne Macready.

Lynne was a staunch member of our community for many many years. Many of you will remember when Lynne was the first and very diligent editor of Gentle Voice and we would all get together to put the address stickers on the hard copies to mail out. Happy days. Lynne was a honourable, precise, intelligent woman who had the heart of a warrior. She had a congenital heart condition which served her well and made her very aware of the impermanence of all things.

Lynne's move to Byron Bay meant that we only saw each other when Rinpoche came to Australia and Lynne loved to see us all. We would greet each other with a hug and a smile acknowledging that no matter where we wander the gathering of us all together is sheer delight.

Vale Lynne.