Pictures from the 2017 Northern Rivers Retreat

01 November 2017

A collection of photos form the retreat at Vadjradhara Gonpa

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Rinpoche Livestream 9 - 10 December

09 December 2016

Rinpoche teaches on "How Bankers, Homemakers, and Others Can Practice the Six Paramitas" livestreamed from Hong Kong.

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Rinpoche Livestream links 9 - 10 November

09 November 2016

Rinpoche will have a livestreamed teaching on "The Question of Maitreya" from India (November 9-10, 9 pm – 11 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time). In addition there will be a livestream of a Sutra Resounding from Bodhgaya, India. (November 10, 2 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time). Click title for more information.

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Losar Message from Rinpoche

08 February 2016

Rinpoche composed a message for the global SI/KF community on the eve of the Lunar New Year, the year of the male fire monkey. We are grateful to have such a compassionate and wise guide leading us to liberation. May all be auspicious.

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Retreat refines meditation practice

20 November 2015

Julianne Warner writes how a Vipashyana retreat helped to deepen her meditation practice.

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Tribute to Lynne Macready

20 September 2015


A tribute to Lynne Macready who has passed recently.

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Free webinars for SIA members

25 August 2015

SIA Members: Complimentary weekly webinar study and practice program with Jakob Leschly.

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Vajradhara Gonpa: dissolving a mandala

17 June 2015

Alison Wells writes a tribute to the creation and dissolution of Vajradhara Gonpa

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In the Wake of the Nepal Earthquake

02 May 2015

At this time of great suffering and difficulty in Nepal, when many are feeling uncertainty and fear and experiencing the loss of loved ones, one of the best things we can all do is offer our prayers and good wishes. 



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2015 teaching and practice calendar available

11 December 2014

The 2015 calendar is now available - check the Location page nearest to you or downloaded a summary of the complete program by clicking this link - 2015 SIA Teaching Program. Note: This program is continually being updated and subject to change. Check the website for latest information before attending any event.

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