At Siddhartha’s Intent Australia we wish to ensure that financial hardship is not a barrier for anyone wishing to attend Dharma teachings. To facilitate participation a modest sponsorship fund has been established, made possible by the generous donations of SIA members. As with any act of generosity both the giver and recipient of the gift will benefit based on their intentions and we ask that everyone keep that in mind when requesting assistance.


What does sponsorship cover?

  1. Teachings given by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, SIA teachers and non-SIA teachers who are invited by SIA.
  2. The amount of sponsorship will be up to 75% of the fee for face to face and online teachings and up to 50% of retreat fees according to how much the applicant can afford and the availability of sponsorship funds


Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Those who are unemployed or on a pension
  2. Full-time students at University, TAFE etc
  3. Those who are employed but unable to attend the event without financial hardship. This is at the discretion of the SIA committee.
  4. NB/Ordained sangha (monks and nuns) do not need to apply for sponsorship as they can attend teachings for free or with a contribution of their choosing.
    • Once a calendar year.
    • SIA will process the applications and approve applicants according to the guidelines in consultation with the secretary, treasurer and administrative director.

    How often can sponsorship be applied for?


    How is my application assessed?

    NB/ Applicants must apply for sponsorship at least two weeks before the teachings are scheduled to begin.

    Link to Sponsorship Application form