with Jakob Leschly

SIA offers a weekly sangha gathering via webinar each Monday from 5 to 7.20PM

This webinar program is complementary for all SIA financial Members. If you are unsure if your membership is up to date or for information on how to become a member please click here.

Our aim with this program is to provide SIA with an opportunity to participate in an online sangha program for developing the three prajñās of study, reflection and meditation. Join us from where ever you are located.

Each Monday in February 5:00pm to 7.20pm AEDT

Self, Happiness and Liberation - Constructing and Deconstructing the Non-existent Self

In February we’re continuing our study of Matthieu Ricard and Michel Dambrun’s paper:

 Self-Centeredness and Selflessness: A Theory of Self-Based Psychological Functioning and Its Consequences for Happiness” This study is intended to provide insight into how the view of no-self view can be understood in a modern academic context.

 Click here to download the paper in PDF format.

Structure of Monday Evening Webinars:

  • 5 pm - 6:30 pm Dharma Talk and Introduction to Meditation 
    Jakob Leschly will give a Dharma talk at 5 pm followed by Q & A and discussion.
    At 6 to 6.30 there will be an introduction to the practice of meditation.
  •  6.30-7.20PM Meditation
    The group practice of meditation from 6.30 to 7.20 will also be broadcast. This is for anyone wishing to practice meditation in a sangha context.


If you are registering for the first time please contact Jakob jakob@si.org.au with your details.

If registering for the first time you will be provided with log on information. If you have registered previously, the link is the same. The DropBox link also remains the same.


Complementary for SIA Members joining via webinar