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23 - 25 October 2020
6:30pm - 4:00pm

Seminars with Jakob Leschly

The Vajrayana is founded on the confidence in our innate purity that is brought forth through the process of the path and further empowered by the Vajrayana master. The Friday talk will speak of the historical background of Vajrayana Buddhism, while the Saturday and Sunday seminars will discuss Vajrayana theory and practice.

Friday 23 October 6.30 pm-8 pm (Sydney time - AEDT)
The History of Vajrayana (Evening talk)

Vajrayana is an integral part of the path of enlightenment. Having flourished in India, it was brought to Tibet where it has continued as a living tradition for over 1200 years. We will look at its extraordinary origins and history.

Saturday 24 October 10 am-4 pm (Sydney time - AEDT)
Lineage and Devotion (Seminar)

To awaken the abiding nature of enlightenment requires the inspiration and guidance of the Vajrayana guru and the guru’s lineage. Our openness and connection enable us to *become sensitive to the greatness of our teachers. Our humble and genuine devotion enables the Vajrayana journey to begin.

Sunday 25 October 10 am-4 pm (Sydney time - AEDT)
The Realities of Vajrayana Practice (Seminar)

The Vajrayana integrates the vision of enlightenment throughout increasingly profound aspects of our being. We will look at the foundational and main Vajrayana practices, as well as the notions of empowerment, samaya and sadhana.

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The Realities of Vajrayana Practice