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Online: Desire - Why It Matters

21 May - 25 June 2020
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Thursdays, May 21 to June 25
7.30pm - 8.30pm AEST

An Online Study of Desire: Why it Matters by Traleg Rinpoche. 
Traleg Kyabgon discusses the notion of desire from Buddhist and other perspectives. He reviews commonly held beliefs of desire that are often misguided and can be diametrically opposed. There is the belief that desire is an important human experience that is natural, which leads to happiness and pleasure. Then there is the juxtaposition that desire is a type of demon whose expression leads to diminishment and destruction. There has been a long standing belief in some traditions that our ultimate goal is a state of complete desirelessness. Traleg Kyabgon challenges this idea, and explores the Buddhist notion of desire within its positive and negative forms, seeking to explode some myths and clarify some misunderstandings. The book is also designed to inspire the passion of the readers to seek a fulfilling life without needing to demean ones experience of desire.

Practical aspects of online courses:
Students are requested to read sections of the text prior to the scheduled class. During the session Jakob unpacks and summarizes the text using a live PowerPoint presentation which is visible on the participant's computer. This format enables anyone to participate regardless of location.

Participants also have an option to download both audio and video recordings of the lesson if they are unable to join in real-time.

Participants may review and download any session as often as required.

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About Jakob Leschly:
Jakob Leschly has been appointed by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche as one of his resident instructors in Australia.


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