Khenpo Chöying Dorjee

Khenpo Chöying Dorjee

2019 Calendar

Northern Rivers teachings - Khenpo Choying Dorjee

10 - 23 June 2019
Northern Rivers

Khenpo Chöying Dorjee is a warm, engaging and distinguished Tibetan Buddhist scholar. He received his degree as Khenpo, roughly equivalent to a Western Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies, in 2004. Since then, he has held several leadership positions at Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute in India. At the request of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Khenpo has in recent years toured and taught throughout Asia, Europe, and the US, recently teaching at the University of Berkeley in California and The University of British Columbia, Canada.

Monday June 10, 5-7.30 pm Evening Talk: The Value of the Buddhist Teachings   

The path of Dharma is aligning ourselves with the truth of who we are and is the foundation for happiness, complete bliss, and enlightenment, for ourselves and for others. 

Venue: Living Yoga Sangha, 1st Floor, 63 Stuart St, Mullumbimby.


Thurday June 13, 5-7.30 pm Evening Talk: Is a Science of Wisdom Possible?  

The Buddhist path offers pro-active measures that work with the psychological causes of human well-being and qualities without mystery or metaphysics. Tibetan Buddhist scholar Choying Dorje will speak on the epistemic foundations of Buddhist theory and practice. 

Venue: SCU Japan Gallery, Southern Cross University, Lismore.


Friday June 14 - Sunday June 16: The Wisdom Chapter 

· Fri Jun 14, 10 - 4.30 pm; · Sat Jun 15, 10-4.30 pm, ·  Sun Jun 16, 10-4.30pm 

The Wisdom Chapter from Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva is one of the most treasured Buddhist Texts that clarifies the view of emptiness and compassion. Written with Shantideva's keen ability to cut through the games of deception, it is the foundation for understanding the Buddhist view of reality. 

Venue: 'Pancha Sirsha', 140 Yankee Creek Rd. Mullumbimby 


Monday June 17, 5-7.30 pm Evening Talk: Invoking Wisdom: The Practice of Manjushri  

With the understanding that wisdom is the heart of our being, we can engage this through the practice of devoted invocation of the universal embodiment of wisdom, Manjushri. 

Venue: Living Yoga Sangha, 1st Floor, 63 Stuart St, Mullumbimby.


Friday June 21 - Sunday June 23: Parting from the Four Attachments 

· Fri 21 Jun 6.30pm- 8pm; ·  Sat 22 June 10-4.30 pm; ·  Sun 23 June 10-4.30 pm 

Essential heart advice that came from Manjushri in a vision to the 12-year-old Kunga Nyingpo 900 years ago and has ever since been one of the spiritual jewels of Tibetan Buddhism.   

Venue: Newrybar Hall, 13-15 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar NSW 2477



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Webinar $15.

Full day Teachings  $75, $60 concession & members, $50 member concession per day
Webinar $35 per day 

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