2017 Siddhartha's Intent Australia Program

Belligen Rural Retreat

1 - 2 April 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm

Shamatha-Vipashyana Retreat

The format of the rural non-residential retreat will enable those with little time for retreat to understand and experience the practice of shamatha-vipashyana meditation which is the heart of all Buddhist practice. We will begin with an introductory talk on Friday night and dedicate Saturday and Sunday to sitting practice, including further guidance and instruction. Covering both meditation itself and our post-meditation interaction with our world, this program is suited to experienced practitioners and newcomers to meditation.

DHARMA GAR: Please note for Dharma Gar students this retreat can be used for your reported hours.

Venue:  256 Martells Road, Bellingen

Cost: $150 both days, $90 one day. Lunches, teas and snacks provided.

Contact:  For further details contact: Tricia and Stephen Abell. Phone 0481 187 150 or 0428 551 691. Email: smabell2@gmail.com