January 21 to February 25, 2016.

Jakob Leschly's commentary is on "Kama by Traleg Rinpoche

Understanding karma is to understand the conditions that seem to lock us in samsara, so this is the principle topic to grasp if we wish to unlock ourselves. Written without jargon and with knowledge of the modern world view, Traleg Rinpoche’s work offers with exceptional clarity a thorough introduction to the Buddhist science of reality and its application through the practice of the path. Indispensable for anyone wanting to really understand the Buddhadharma.

From the publisher’s website:

The Buddha’s teaching on karma (literally, “action”) is nothing other than his compassionate explanation of the way things are: our thoughts and actions determine our future, and therefore we ourselves are largely responsible for the way our lives unfold. Yet this supremely useful teaching is often ignored due to the misconceptions about it that abound in popular culture, especially oversimplifications that make it seem like something not to be taken seriously. Karma is not simple, as Traleg Kyabgon shows, and it’s to be taken very seriously indeed. He cuts through the persistent illusions we cling to about karma to show what it really is—the mechanics of why we suffer and how we can make the suffering end. He explains how a realistic understanding of karma is indispensable to Buddhist practice, how it provides a foundation for a moral life, and how understanding it can have a transformative effect on the way we relate to our thoughts and feelings and to those around us.

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