“If you come to me and say "Rinpoche, I can't meditate at all, my mind is going everywhere: here, past, present, future" I should give you a medal. Finally you are meditating. The whole purpose of this instruction is to make you realise you cannot concentrate.
(Buenos Aires, Jan 2019)”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Siddhartha’s Intent Australia, founded in 1986 by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, is member of the international collective under the Siddhartha’s Intent umbrella. SIA shares the collective vision of SI to create an environment which facilitates connection with the wisdom of the Buddha through the Khyentse lineage and the Rime (non-sectarian) tradition. SIA offers a number of opportunities for study and practice including weekend workshops, online studies, and vipashyana retreats. See the menu above for details of our programs.


Letter from Rinpoche about Instructors

Read about Rinpoche's appointment of some new SI instructors together with his encouragement to senior instructors to continue their work to propagate the dharma.

Online Wednesday Vajrayana Study 9-10 am AEDT

Online Study with Jakob Leschly. An online study course of Mindfulness in Action - Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s instructions on meditation. As we work with the path, it is essential that we have an actual experience of open space and non-thought.

Online Sunday Buddhist Studies 5.30-6.30 pm AEDT

In 2020, we will continue Longchempa’s Finding Rest in the Nature of Mind. “Who but Longchenpa can and will make absolutely sure that we finally understand what rest is." Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

Online Monday Abhidharma and Meditation

The regualar Monday Study and Practice sessions for SI Australia members recommences on 2 March, 2020

Latest News

Advice from Rinpoche

17 March 2020

Rinpoche talks about the consequences of not understanding non-duality and gives us practice advice for these volatile times.

Ngondro Gar retreat postponed

16 March 2020

The Ngondro Gar retreat, 9 - 17 May, 2020 in Victoria has been postponed

March and April face-to-face seminars now online

15 March 2020

Due due to the health concerns associated with COVID-19 Jakob's upcoming seminars in March and April will be replaced by an online seminar from 3-5 April

Teaching Program

Online: The Future is Open

2 - 9 April 2020 at Online

Online Seminar: Bedrock of the Path

3 - 5 April 2020 at Online

Online: Desire - Why It Matters

21 May - 25 June 2020 at Online

Blue Mountains Winter Duntun Retreat

19 - 26 June 2020 at Blue Mountains

Online: Pure Appearance

10 September - 15 October 2020 at Online

Sydney: Weekend - Ngondro Gar Urban Retreat

11 - 13 September 2020 at Sydney

Canberra: Evening talk

14 September 2020 at Canberra

Melbourne Seminar: The Vajrayana

16 - 18 October 2020 at Melbourne

Sydney Seminar: The Vajrayana

23 - 25 October 2020 at Sydney

Northern Rivers Seminar: The Vajrayana

6 - 8 November 2020 at Northern Rivers

Bellingen Seminar: The Vajrayana

13 - 15 November 2020 at Bellingen

Melbourne Meditation Retreat: Duntun (7 day) program

5 - 12 December 2020 at Melbourne